This Site Is Obsolete -- You Probably Don't Want To Be Here

This Trac site served for a while as the  Open Source Initiative's issue tracker and wiki. It was an experiment, and though it was active for a while, it gradually fell into disuse (and was even offline for a time). It should be considered obsolete now; most of the issues here are either no longer relevant or should be moved to a forum where they can be acted on -- either one of the  OSI Mailing Lists or perhaps the  OSI Redmine tracker.

The OSI does its best to make sure its associates and volunteers have the technical infrastructure they need to collaborate and support the OSI's mission. Please raise any infrastructure issues on the appropriate  mailing list and we'll figure out how to set things up so you can get stuff done.

Areas to Check for Things That Might Need Further Attention


Thanks to Lance Albertson, Eric Searcy, and the rest of the Open Source Labs team at Oregon State University for having set up this instance of  Trac, and to Rudy Grigar and Zak Greant for managing it while it was active.